STE-1402 Temperature Sensor

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These sensors can be used for either Supply Air Sensors, or Return Air Sensors. 

STE-1400 Series 10,000 ohm, Type III thermistor, temperature sensors are available in different housings for surface, duct, duct averaging, immersion,

strap-on, and outside air applications. All probes are constructed to provide good heat transfer and fast response. The averaging sensors are available in
both plenum-rated cable or with a copper probe. 

Each STE-1401/1402/1404/1405 duct sensor is encapsulated in a 1/4-inch OD stainless-steel probe.
The probe protrudes from the bottom of the sensor housing. The probe can be inserted directly into the duct for single-point monitoring, and
mounting holes are provided to rigidly support the assembly.