The Internet Of Team

Master Systems Integrators

Our Focus: Building Automation and Controls

  • We are a Master Systems Integrator: from the device level all the way to the enterprise software view of the BAS information.

  • Connecting to field devices to drive the data into cloud  computing platforms for all information output functions and reporting.

  • A key element of the responsibility of master systems integrators is the need to integrate the facility into the enterprise. This requires a more IT-centric approach to integration.

  • It is critical to have industry knowledge of dozens of controls systems types, IT infrastructure, and the latest cloud-based analytics providers to develop holistic architectures.....We have all of that!

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Value Proposition

IOT is a methodology connecting the intent of the architect and engineering through the construction / installation / operations & maintenance to optimize the Owners life cycle costs and delivery SUSTAINABILITY

 – That is MEASURED!

The Goal

To ultimately integrate intelligent devices with network systems that are self-sensing, self-controlling, and self-optimizing, all automatically.