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WE ARE THE TEAM with a focus on connecting Real Estate via IoT strategies: 

  • Enabling you to exploit past controls and or HVAC investments toward today's standards of cloud computing. 
  • Site level integration with cloud computing to allow for portfolio optimization.
  • Installing new or connecting to any and all legacy installed technologies.
  • This allows for a robust Business Enabled Infrastructure(BEI) to feed the data appetite of reporting and analytics.
  • BEI is needed for sustainable strategies to permanently move the needle on operational and energy spends.
  • To provide for holistic integrated solutions that feed the data needs of the latest enterprise solutions and dashboards.

Connect, Normalize, Analyze, Prioritize

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Integration / Optimization the IOfTeam way.

Making it simple and efficient.
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Our Process

Optimizing Operations with a saturation of data.

  • Audit: Know the condition of your facility
    • a comprehensive review of a facility's assets.
    • Use Web forms and upload audit data to the cloud for immediate review and analysis.
  • Pilot: Connect and Collect data for a select group of buildings.
  • Analyze:  Scorecard Pilot objectives
  • Project: Finalize scope, Implement Project.
    • Optimize system-wide or single-store energy performance.
  • Recommission: connect to cloud, map data to analytics, confirm KPIs
  • Analyze: Baseline review, perform analysis, KPIs
  • Publish: Facilitate decision-making and capital allocations.
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You need us to 

Connect, Collect, Analyze, Prioritize

and Optimize

  • Provide visibility into every piece of equipment in your portfolio.
  • Collect the data and load it into Big Data database
  • Provide analytics and reports at a granular level.
  • Expedite troubleshooting with trended data.
  • Optimize the performance based upon a saturation of data, not guesses or hearsay.
  • Selection Process
    • inventory all applicable sites.
    • establish criteria for priorities
    • development of analytics and KPIs
  • Review MEP T&Bs,
  • Recommission

Data driven optimization

Our methodology, based on a saturation of data, and scientific analysis, along with our team's extensive experience working with real estate owners, equipment manufacturers, and mechanical contractors, aligns internal and external stakeholders, creating a strategy customized for our clients. Throughout the process we utilize the Internet Of Things technology to provide massively scalable data collection, analysis, and reporting. Our team provides a boutique approach to services designed for your specific project solution.

Business Enablement Infrastructure BEI

If you operate your business like an enterprise you should enable the real-estate that houses your business toward an enterprise environment as well.
Its not just about Data it is about the conversion of  Data into Business Information that is easily consumed by multiple stakeholders that drives value up and risks down while growing the business
Our job is to use this Business Information to collateralize a very low drag high velocity decision making environment.
The Data customization is needed to tailor the raw data toward business intelligence that fuels these near real-time decisions into a much lower risk yet higher yield outcome. 
Our job is to then provide visibility to all stakeholders toward the goals and objectives that are met.
In other words Sustainability is a direct product of the Visibility we provide to all parts of your business that are impacted and enabled.