Site Audit Photo Requirements

Read through these instructions and take photos of all components for all HVAC and Lighting audits.

The following list of pictures should be taken for each Site Audit.

The specified labels, as listed below, should be used and included within each picture.

In order to include the proper ‘Labeling’ within each picture, please gather the following materials, and follow these instructions on how to properly display them.

1.    Print this file

2.    Purchase heavyweight clear sheet protector, Wet Erase Markers, Cardboard Backer and a 20# Magnet

a.    Sheet Protector                            Office Depot/Max                          233256

b.    Wet Erase Marker      Office Depot/Max                       16665

c.    Cardboard Backer               Office Depot/Max                      

d.    45# Magnet                                                  Home Depot/Max                                  455521              (recommend more than one)

3.    Insert both sheets (printed side out), separated by a cardboard backer into the sheet protector.

4.    Top uses;

a.    Quick reference (left hand side) for the equipment label

b.    Back side has the minimum picture requirements (you can take more – it’s recommended)

c.    Prop it on top of a thermostat before taking the picture

d.    Using the magnet, stick it to the chiller, boiler, electrical panel, or time clock, etc.…

e.    Write the BE#, take a picture of the sheet with a sequence of pictures of the property.

All pictures shall be clear and text shall be legible.
All pictures shall include the equipment label and Building ID

Conditional Pictures – these are pictures that words cannot describe, these are pictures that help describe the current condition of the property or equipment.
Do your best to keep pictures grouped (Thermostats, Rooftop Equipment, Control Panels, Lighting, etc.). It is understood that this will not always be possible, however we ask for good faith efforts, thank you, and remember, a picture can save a costly return trip back.
Naming Standards for Labels:
Use the following tagging schema when the equipment is not labeled replacing the ** with the sequence number i.e. 01, 02, 03, 10, 20, 50, up to 99.

Air Handler Unit > AHU**
Building Entity # > ######
Chiller > CH**
Condensing Unit > CU**
Control Panel > CP**
Doors Lobby > DL**
Electric Duct Heater > EDH**
Electrical Panel > EP**
Fan Coil Unit > FCU**
Gas Heaters > GH**
House Elec. Disconnect > HED**
Light Fixture Exterior > LFX**
Light Fixture Interior > LFI**
Light Measurement
Main Dist. Panel > MDP**
Rooftop Units > RTU**
Time Clock > TC**
Utility Meter > UM**
Window Unit > WU**

​Example Photos:

Text Box: 123456
CP99 Text Box: 000394
UM01 Text Box: 125896

Required Photos:
HVAC Audit:

Chillers, Boilers, Multizone Units, Builtup Air Handlers and any other equipment:
Unit nameplate:
Control panel:

Standing back from a corner of the unit, showing two sides of the equipment:
Diagonally opposite corner, 6 Ft back, showing both sides of the equipment:
Ductless Split Systems;
Outdoor Unit Nameplate:

Standing back 6 Ft, the front of the indoor unit:
Standing back 6 Ft, the outdoor coil:
Electric Duct Heaters;
Unit Nameplate:
Control Compartment:
Gas Heaters;
Unit Nameplate:
Control Compartment:
Package Units;
Unit Nameplate:
Control Compartment:

Standing back 6 Ft, corner of the unit, showing condenser coil & both sides of the unit:
Diagonally opposite corner, 6 Ft back, showing both sides of the unit:
PTAC (Hotel Type);
Unit Nameplate:

Standing back 6 Ft, the front of the unit:
Standing back 6 Ft, the outdoor coil:
Split Systems (Outdoor Unit);
Outdoor Unit Nameplate:
Outdoor Unit Control Compartment:

Outdoor Unit Standing back 6 Ft
Split Systems (Indoor Units);
Indoor Unit Nameplate:
Indoor Unit Control Compartment:

Indoor Unit Standing back 6 Ft:
VAV (variable Air Volume Units);
VAV Picture:
The actuator and linkage controlling the damper:
VAV Nameplate Picture:
Window Units;
Unit Nameplate:

Standing back 6 Ft, the front of the unit:
Standing back 6 Ft, the outdoor coil:
Thermostats: (Labels shall use the equipment identifier)
Before touching the thermostat:

1. standing back 6 feet and take a picture:
2.Expose the thermostat Subbase and take a picture: